Making custom paper cup production seriously
profitable & creative

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Cups for
hot & cold drinks
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Making custom paper cup production seriously
profitable & creative

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Try the
ice cream
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Making custom paper cup production seriously
profitable & creative

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Have some
pop corn
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Many paper cups, one digital set-up

Shots of productivity.
Shots of creativity.

Have high quality, highly creative runs of as-many-as-you-like paper cups with your design on them, printed and delivered in just a few days.

Why print paper cups digitally
  • many creative options
    effective branding, long exposure times
  • use standard substrates
    validated by us: Metsä, Stora enso and Kotkamills
  • food safety guaranteed
    with approved dry toner
  • new market possibilities
    cups for hot & cold drinks, ice cream & popcorn
  • profitable short custom runs
    short production & delivery times
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No wonder paper cups are hot

Each cup has 7 minutes exposure, more than any other printed media. Alas, the cups themselves tend to have a bad reputation, both in terms of design and quality. And delivery times from 6 to 8 weeks? That’s a no go.

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… global paper cup consumption expected to grow from 252bn per year to 272bn in 2021, primarily because of ease-of-use, higher biodegradability and the growing foodservice market …


Digital for complete production control

With the Xeikon digital front-end you completely control your production process, reducing time and waste substantially. You’ll enjoy greater flexibility in terms of variable data printing. You can handle changes in text, graphics or images on the fly. Printing different versions of the same paper cups? Digital keeps the job efficient.

Have a closer look

Download our paper cup production tech sheet


Numerous creative options

Custom paper cups as a business model? Of course. Print them and sell them. Or have them made as a reseller and offer them as powerful branding tools.

There are no limits to the creative possibilities, because a digital workflow and dry toner are reliable printing’s middle name. How come? 1200 dpi print resolution and consistent dot positioning

Food safety guaranteed

No solvents, phthalates or mineral oils are used in our dry toners. You’ll be compliant with

  • Framework Regulation 1935/2004
  • FDA
  • Swiss Ordinance
  • Nestlé guidelines
Read our whitepaper on food safety.

Have custom service with your papercup production

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From getting your set-up right as you want it to helping you get the most out of your Xeikon:
our services will do just that.

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